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I used to worked for a company where everything was a mad rush. Emails demanded instant replies, phone calls and texts required immediate responses. It was chaos, and it was exhausting.

Sound familiar?

When everything feels "urgent," it's tough to figure out what really needs your attention right now. This constant stress can mess with your productivity and your work's quality.

I used to rush jobs and not give them the thought they deserved. Later, I found out I was neurodivergent, which made this "everything is urgent" situation even more of a challenge. But you know what? Even if you're not "neurospicy" like me, reducing this false urgency can help everyone.

In my leadership coaching program, I stress the importance of reducing urgency and taking back your time. It can make your work-life a lot more harmonious and peaceful.

The Urgency Illusion

Let's talk about urgency. Sometimes, it's not real, but we feel it anyway - like when my coworker - let’s call her Jane - got an email from a client asking for some info she didn't have. Jane freaked out and ran to me for help. We both dropped what we were working on to find the info, only to learn the client didn't need it until next week! Jane was swept up in the client's unnecessary rush, and I got swept up in Jane's. This false urgency threw our day off and didn't actually help anyone.

False urgency is everywhere and it's easy to get caught in it. I've learned not to rush tasks just because they seem urgent. Constant urgency isn't just unhelpful, it's also bad for our health. It throws our bodies and minds into stress mode, kicking off the "fight or flight" response. That can lead to headaches, tense muscles, and sleep issues, as well as mental stuff like anxiety and burnout.

So, what can we do about it? Well, good news! There are simple strategies to deal with this false urgency and make our work life better and happier.

Reducing False Urgency

1. Take a breath and reassess

Taking a quick break to reassess the situation can do wonders. It's like hitting a pause button to clear your head. This allows you to objectively analyze what's on your plate, the resources you have to tackle it, and how urgent it really is. It's a game-changer that helps manage stress, make smart decisions, and maintain balance.

🎬 TAKE ACTION: Take three deep breaths and change your location for a fresh perspective. Like literally move to another spot and look again.

2. Acknowledge your humanity

To deal with false urgency, remember you're human. Perfection isn't the goal. Not every task is a sprint, and it's OK not to have immediate answers. Appreciate yourself for being you, not for how fast you can beat the clock.

🎬 TAKE ACTION: Try the activity "I Love My Spot". Look around where you're at right now. Spot three things that bring you joy. For example, on my desk I can see my current fav "brainwave" tea mug on my desk and I'd say, "I love my mug!" Do this for two more things. Then, end by saying, "I love my spot!" This will help you disconnect from urgency, stay in the moment, and find joy in your surroundings.

3. Use tools to help your brain out

Don't stress about remembering everything! Use helpful tools like calendars, note apps, and project management stuff. If in a rush, record quick voice memos. Use platforms to chat and share docs with your team. These tools not only help manage your work, but also cut down on stress.

🎬 TAKE ACTION: Make a list of the tools you're using right now or the ones you're thinking of trying out. Remember, not every tool suits everyone. If a tool doesn't work for you, it's okay to stop using it or look for a different one.

Redefining Urgency

In our fast-moving work world, it's easy to feel like we're always racing against the clock. We rush from task to task, with little time for careful thought or planning. But here's a reality check: not everything is as urgent as it might seem. By keeping a handle on our sense of urgency, and using strategies like taking regular breaks, using helpful tools, and remembering we're only human, we can create a more relaxed, effective, and enjoyable workspace.

So, let's push back against the pressure to always be in a rush and take a more mindful, strategic approach to our work. After all, taking our time doesn't mean we're dropping the ball - it just means we're juggling our tasks in a way that respects our well-being and boosts our productivity.

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