Leadership is a daunting task

It demands a great deal of courage and confidence to make the right decisions and handle the stress that comes with it. The responsibility of being a modern leader is HUGE, and the unique challenges of management are relentless.

But here's the good news: 
you're not alone in this.

Schedule your personalized 30-minute Strategy Kickoff. 
We'll dive deep into the unique challenges you face in your role and brainstorm practical, creative solutions.

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Schedule your personalized 30-minute Strategy Kickoff.

it's more than a chat

A strategy kickoff call is more than a chat; it's a safe zone for candid conversation, allowing us to unravel your challenges and craft a roadmap to success.

In just 30 minutes, you'll get to:

  • Identify unique challenges and brainstorm practical solutions
  • Engage in open dialogue in a safe space
  • Develop actionable strategies to take away
  • Receive a recap email for implementing the strategies discussed
Your strategy partner


Teambuilding Comedian + Playful Leadership Coach

I bring a wealth of knowledge from my background in psychology, crisis management, program and people management and improv performance. I'm here to help you navigate your team's challenges with joy, humor, and practical solutions.

During our chat, you and your team's needs will be the center of attention. I tap into my playful leadership council. Think of characters from Pixar's Inside Out, but if they were laser focused on bringing more joy and humanity to work.

Meet my Playful Leadership Council

Sensitive One
Emotions are my BFF
As an EQ coach, I'm good at understanding emotions. I can get to the heart of your team's struggles, seeing beyond just words to what's really going on.

The Scientist
Sweet Cerebellum 🧠
As a neuroscience nerd, I use my knowledge of brain functions to ask better questions and find the best solutions for you and your team.

Creative One
Being creative isn't just about art, it's about imagining what's possible and making it happen. I’m here to help you tap into your creativity.

You might be thinking, "Not another meeting!" 
But hold on. This isn't just another entry in your packed schedule.

My aim with this call is to lighten your load and make it a breath of fresh air for you. Imagine a conversation where your problems are the focus and the solutions are crafted with thoughtful excitement, not reactionary stress. 

Playful Leadership is Serious Business!
My goal is to help you start thinking like a playful leader today.

What's possible in just one session? 
Here are a few success stories from managers like you:
You don't have to go it alone anymore!

Together we'll tackle your work struggles head-on. 
You'll walk away from our call armed with actionable, doable strategies.

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