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workplace challenges
getting bigger.

By encouraging employees to go beyond the box and embrace their full potential, we can open up new possibilities and solve bigger problems. We are committed to creating a workplace that fosters a culture of collaboration and understanding, where everyone feels safe to share ideas, take risks, and grow. By taking this approach, we can create a thriving and meaningful workplace for everyone.

imagine working as an effective and collaborative team...

A team that communicates and problem-solves. A team that is proactive and brings you solutions and not just problems. Our trainings and coaching programs are infused with humor and expertly facilitated to draw out even the most hesitant participants. You'll leave our programs having...

 Built trust and support within your team
Reignited a collaborative spirit
Cultivated adaptability and problem solving
 Increased energy, creativity, and connection
 Developed more compassion and emotional intelligence

flexibility + emotional awareness + confidence

mindset shifting through play.

meet ImprovEQ founder:
Betsaida LeBron

Betsaida LeBron combines her diverse background in psychology, workplace wellness, management, and improv performance to fuel her mission to coach emotionally intelligent corporate leaders.

what our clients say...

Excellent and exhilarating session...

"Excellent and exhilarating session. Multiple goals were achieved including awareness of others, attentiveness, courage, and engagement."
Lola Ellis
Compliance Management
Blue Shield of California

Truly made an impact...

"ImprovEQ truly made an impact and helped us all collectively take another step forward together to becoming stronger allies. Thank you for helping us along in that journey!"
Razy Farook
Senior Manager
Accenture Canada

not your typical corporate consultants.

other (well-meaning) consultants:

 Talk "at" you instead of getting to the emotional roots of the underlying tensions crippling your productivity

 Facilitate fun challenges more reminiscent of summer camp shenanigans instead of enacting lasting, positive change

 Lead a good “talk”... but don’t give you the tools to put it into action after the training

our signature ImprovEQ method:

✔ Our programs are experiential, we quickly create a psychologically safe space to explore and understand team dynamics 

 We focus on learning through playing games. Even when it feels like adult recess, it is purposeful learning based on brain science

We expertly facilitate sessions to elicit actionable takeaways that are specific to each manager or team

flexibility + emotional awareness + confidence

ready to transform your team and leadership?

why improv + emotional intelligence (EQ)?
Improv-based training games are a powerful tool for leaders to increase their emotional intelligence and develop better communication skills.

Improv is a theatrical art-form where the characters, scenes, and dialogue are made up on the spot without pre-planning. Good improvisation is achieved by being in the moment, conquering fears and self-doubt, and working collaboratively in an accepting and supportive team environment.
These same skills are critical in our professional lives and pivotal in developing better leaders, highly functioning teams, and a workplace where creativity and innovation thrive.
Improv is actually a super fun and interactive way to gain some valuable soft-skills for business. Google, Southwest Airlines, Facebook, and FedEx are a few of the companies utilizing improv to train their staff. Even MBA programs across the country have incorporated improv into their teaching programs.

our services
play (work) with us.

Energizing Keynotes 

We've got the perfect blend of engaging keynote speeches and dynamic live events to inspire and transform your organization.

Teambuilding Sessions 

Go beyond traditional teambuilding, interactive sessions that rewire your team's mindset and dynamics while having a stress-busting laugh along the way.

Playful Leadership Coaching

Join the Leadership Playground! Personalized coaching and support to become a confident leader and more effective people manager.

flexibility + emotional awareness + confidence

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