improvEQ offers a variety of programs individually tailored to the needs and goals of our clients. 

From management training to virtual and in-person team building workshops, our programs bring teams together, empower each team member to create a lasting positive change, and build a workplace culture where individuals consistently do their best work. 

work (play) with us.

Energizing Keynotes 

We've got the perfect blend of engaging keynote speeches and dynamic live events to inspire and transform your organization.

Teambuilding Sessions 

Go beyond traditional teambuilding, interactive sessions that rewire your team's mindset and dynamics while having a stress-busting laugh along the way.

Playful Leadership Coaching

Join the Leadership Playground! Personalized coaching and support to become a confident leader and more effective people manager.

Excellent and exhilarating session...

"Excellent and exhilarating session. Multiple goals were achieved including awareness of others, attentiveness, courage, and engagement."
Lola Ellis
Compliance Management
Blue Shield of California

Truly made an impact...

"ImprovEQ truly made an impact and helped us all collectively take another step forward together to becoming stronger allies. Thank you for helping us along in that journey!"
Razy Farook
Senior Manager
Accenture Canada

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